No doubt you have heard friends and family members cautioning you about what you put on social media that might affect your employment status or ability to be accepted to a credible university. At first you might have thought, “Employers can’t access my social media accounts,” but the fact of the matter is anything you put on social media becomes public property the minute you hit the ‘post’ button. That means those photos, comments, and everything and anything else you put on your profile has the potential to be used against you in the event of a job application.

The same is true whenever you file an insurance claim. Your first instinct, once you have made sure nobody is injured and the police are on the way, might be to update your profile status or even upload a photo of the accident. This can, however, come back to haunt you after you have filed an insurance claim, or if a lawsuit is filed by you or the other driver (if there was another vehicle involved). Especially if you are injured in the accident, don’t let social media comments and carelessness negatively affect the outcome of your insurance claim.

How Facebook Can Affect Your Accident Settlement

The main reason people end up having their social media posts come back to stab them in the back is because in situations involving insurance claims and job applications, the chances are great that there maybe something on Facebook that contradicts information you have given to an adjustor or employer.

For example, say you were involved in a car accident and you report to the insurance adjustor that you suffered a broken leg and dislocated shoulder on account of the other driver’s mistake. You tell the adjustor that you will be unable to go to work for the next month or two while your leg and other injuries heal. A few days later, a photo is posted on Facebook that features you and your friends on a hiking trail or at the swimming pool, with no cast and no apparent injury that would prevent you from performing your work duties. Just like that, your entire case has been undermined and now you are under investigation for fraud! Do yourself a favor and just avoid social media for a few days after you are involved in an accident.

Facebook Tips For Car Accident Victims

Remember, once you post something to your social media account, it becomes a record of public knowledge.” says Minneapolis personal injury lawyer, Beedem Law. Anyone can see it, and anyone can use it in whatever fashion he or she wishes (within the confines of the law of course). In order to avoid conflict between your case and your social media accounts, do at least one, if not all, of the following recommendations on your account:

• Switch your settings to ‘private’
• Avoid making posts, including status and photos, for a few days, or even weeks after the accident
• Don’t ‘friend’ people you do not actually know
• Temporarily suspend, or deactivate your account

Find The Right Lawyer

Most people do not know what to do in the event of a car accident, either on-the-scene or after the fact. Insurance claims, repairs, and compensation collection can, however, get pretty complicated, especially if you include medical issues as part of your claim. Chances are great you will have questions about the overall process, how compensation works, and how the claim will affect your insurance and ability to get to and perform your work duties.

Your insurance company or agent is definitely knowledgeable about such things, but in the event that you feel you don’t want to place your total confidence in them, consulting with legal council might be the way to go. The Minneapolis personal injury lawyers at Gustad Law and Beedem Law can help you guide you through the process. Our counselors are knowledgeable and experienced in handling insurance claims and collecting compensation payouts, and will work with you every step of the way.