Technology has revolutionized the medical and healthcare industries, not only in pharmaceuticals, and surgical and medical equipment, but also in the field of communication. “Having an effective and reliable communication system in place is vital to the field of modern healthcare. It keeps patients in touch with their doctors, and doctors in touch with fellow practitioners, and is crucial in emergency transport and trauma-related incidents. Having an outdated phone system can cause unnecessary, and in some cases, life-altering delays.

Common Problems with Outdated Systems

Some of the most common problems facing modern clinics and hospitals’ phone systems include poor coordination between doctors, nurses, and patients, unsatisfactory patient service, including treatment and scheduling, and a lack of scalability. Without sufficient communications, these facilities cannot handle appointment scheduling, contact immobilized/handicapped patients or fellow professionals, or coordinate staff-to-patient ratios throughout the fiscal year.

NJPA Cooperative Contracts

Cooperative contracts from the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) are offered to non-profit organizations, like healthcare facilities, to ensure they have access to the latest vital technology, such as phone communications, so that their facility remains productive and efficient. These contracts are solicited competitively and are made to meet the needs of non-profit entities. Cooperative contracts work by leveraging the buying power of thousands of members in order to simplify the process of purchasing an upgrade for the your healthcare facility.

The Process

The NJPA has a 12-step process in place that identifies your needs, and provides available marketplace solutions. This produces contracts that work in favor of the non-profit healthcare facility. Signing up as an NJPA member will provide you with a cooperative contract for a phone system in your facility or organization. The system has already been pre-negotiated, as the NJPA takes care of most of this process for you, and you can select the dealer, or provider of your choice to be implemented into your facility.

Provider Services

“Once your system has been implemented, the service provider you have chosen will work with you and your group to fulfill your technology requirements and determine your specific needs.” said a spokesperson for Wayzata Medical Spa. They will also help to install your new system and adequately train your staff to use the new system, so your patients do not suffer from the transition process. Better still, it’s affordable and efficient, so consider upgrading your system with NJPA today.