If you buy anything new, whether it is clothes, a car, or an appliance, how long do you wait before cleaning it? Do you wait a month, a year, or even longer? Probably, you wash it as often as you would if it were several years old. Enough to keep it clean and maintained. Why then do people sometimes wait years to clean their brand new carpets when they would normally get them cleaned once a year? It turns out there is actually a pretty good reason.

Fifty years ago, carpet cleaning services would come into homes and use an industrial shampoo to clean carpets. This shampoo would clean the carpets well, but leave a residue that dirt would stick to. So it seemed to homeowners that their carpets would get dirty faster than normal after a cleaning. So people would wait to get them cleaned. Luckily, with the innovations in technology, the products that cleaning services use nowadays, do not leave a residue, therefore carpets do not get dirtier faster after cleaning.

The thing with carpets is that as nice as they can look when they are first installed, they do tend to collect dust, mold, and dirt when people and pets are walking all over them. They can start to look dirty and run down over time. Cleaning them on a regular basis will help prevent them from looking old. It will keep them looking and smelling fresh. You can compare a carpet to a trash can. The dirt collects from the bottom up. If it gets too full, it gets harder to get at the things on the bottom. If a carpet is cleaned often, then it will not be too full for cleaning.

Any flooring company will know that are many benefits to having clean carpets. Probably the most important one is health. Carpets are unfortunately a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, which your family could inhale. Over time, it could cause illness and respiratory problems. If you have a family member with allergies, they can be greatly exacerbated by what is trapped in your carpets.

As you can see, there is no longer any benefit to waiting to get your new carpet cleaned. Do not hesitate and call a professional when the time is right.