When you think about it, our kitchens are a place where we spend a lot of time. Much of that time is spent making memories. Whether it is cooking a meal together, or simply hanging around and talking at the kitchen table, it is a room that is incredibly important. Renovating a kitchen can be very expensive, and cause a lot of upheaval. However, painting the cabinets is a more affordable way to give your kitchen a whole new feel. There is so much you can do, from brightening up the space or making it bold and beautiful. So, break out your painting how-to books and get ready to pick up some swatches.Here are some cabinet painting ideas that will give your kitchen an upgrade.

Go Neutral

Neutral shades, like white and beige, can work with just about any kitchen style or wallpaper. Depending on how you use them, they can give your kitchen a rustic feel or a modern feel. If you are having trouble deciding on a look, you simply cannot go wrong with one of those more neutral shades.


Dual-tone is a design choice that is popping up for many different places in the home. In the kitchen, try painting your upper and lower level cabinets a different color. There are so many combinations to choose from. If you want some real contrast and a striking visual appeal, go with white and black. You can also choose any bold color to pair with a neutral.

Be Bold

Gone are the days of sterile colors in your kitchen. Be bold with bright colors, like emerald and yellow. Make sure that it jives with the other aspects of your kitchen, like the fixtures and wall color. Otherwise, do not be afraid to make your kitchen stand out.

Stay Subtle

Or, you could go in a different direction with some subtle pastels. These shades are still bold, but not as striking as other colors might be. If you are looking for something more understated, but still with amazing visual appeal, try blue and green pastels.

The sky is the limit when comes to paint choices for your kitchen cabinets. In fact, you could even go with no paint at all, and just have open shelving if you would like. Whatever you choose, make sure that your colors help reflect the space you want your kitchen to be.

If you need help with your kitchen cabinet design, never hesitate to reach out to a professional kitchen remodeling company for advice or service.