Wedding postponed because of bad weather? Weather is the leading cause of event cancellation, whether it is a wedding, sporting event, concert, graduation, anniversary, or whatever. If your wedding is delayed by bad weather, there is no need to panic.”

“Your wedding may be located in a region that is prone to inclement weather, and no one can control Mother Nature. If your wedding is in an unfavorable outdoor location, you need to know what to do in the event of bad weather ruining your big day,” said Tony Carnahan of EventGuard: event cancellation insurance.

Weathering the Storm

If weather causes your wedding to be slightly delayed, follow these steps to ensure your day still goes on and is still great!

1. Alter the timeline. Adjust the timeline to work around the bad weather. Altering the timeline by just a few hours can reduce the storm’s impact on your day.

2. Centralize event locations. Schedule the event locations close together, or combine them into one location. Combining the locations eliminates the burden of transportation between venues.

3. Consult with your planner. Take the photographs while the storm is calm. Consequently, you may not even notice the bad weather in the photos.

4. Take advantage of the weather. Great memories happen in the worst conditions. Therefore, take advantage of bad weather by having some fun and playing in the rain or snow.

5. Enjoy the day! Make sure you have a great wedding day. Smile and make your guests feel happy. Finally, book some extra rooms for guests who need a place to stay, just to be safe.

Postponing your wedding entirely?

1. Do not panic. Do not freak out about postponing the wedding. No one wants to reschedule a wedding last minute, especially due to bad weather. However, rescheduling is better than having rain or snow ruin your event. Therefore, treat your wedding day like the important day that it is.

2. Email your vendors the day before.. Contact your vendors and let them know that you are rescheduling the event. Ask them prior to the event about possible rescheduling dates. In addition, notify them of the new date and other relevant information. Most vendors are more than happy to accommodate your wedding.

3. Stay in touch. Discuss your plans with your vendors in detail. Keep in constant communication with them until the new date arrives to make sure everyone is still available. Also, know what your contracts with your vendors state in regards to rescheduling the event.

Most of all, know that you can protect your wedding with certified wedding vendors. These vendors will work with you to reschedule your event at both your convenience. They also conduct checks, look for event insurance, seek referrals, and provide training to help vendors prepare for unforeseen conditions. Be sure your vendors are wedding certified before deciding to hire them.